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Abstracts and updates on my articles that appeared since April 1998.

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April 1998 issue

Synopsis on PC control transceiver Kachina 505DSP


It's almost like a PC peripheral than a radio... Talks about the latest technology, etc.

One point introduction to DSP

Link to Kachina website

A demo version can be downloaded from the above site.

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May 1998 issue

A signal processing software for CW by PC AF-DSP

Synopsis on MRP Ver 3.7


A DOS based software that decodes CW with the sound-blaster.

CW Morse Decoder Software for Soundcards


A demo version can be downloaded from the above site.

Experience the beautiful 30Hz CW filter by AF-DSP


One point introduction to MRP

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June 1998 issue

A software that creates an azimuth-equidistant map centered anywhere

Written by SM3GSJ : A freeware for personal use

A guide to Great Circle Map Ver 2.2


Link to SM3GSJ website

View and download the latest version (English)

GCM Ver 2.3 has formally been released. The Ver 2.3 was a beta as of writing the article. The new version also requires VBRUN300.DLL, downloadable at the above website. Refer to the article and notes on the webpage for information updates.

For those of you who what Ver 2.2:

Click here for GCM Ver 2.2 download

The file is as provided in the original (ZIPPED approx 720kb). Explanation in Japanese is in the CQ article.

July 1998 issue

Azimuth-Equidistant Part 2

(1) AZ-PROJ Mapping Site



Explanation in Japanese in the article.

2) Also introduces an Excel worksheet called BHC that calculates bearings and distances worldwide from your QTH.


Requires MS-Excel v4 or higher (no macro).

Download BHC by K7NO

Click here for BHC download

The file is as provided in the original (ZIPPED approx 75kb). Explanation in Japanese is in the CQ article.

August 1998 issue

Connecting the audio of amateur radio and internet-phone

Special Edition: Ham's phonepatch, case studies

One point introduction to IPHONE

Finally in Japan amateur radio and public phoneline can be interconnected since May of this year. Meanwhile phonepatch has long been recognized in the U.S., and there's a way to access VHF repeaters through internet. This is made possible with flexible operating operating regulations in the U.S. The article talks about a system employing the internet-phone and the procedures.


Link to Vocaltec

A Short Term Monthly Column on Meteor Scatter

No. 1 (July '98 issue) History of Meteor Scatter Communications by JA9BOH

No. 2 (August '98 issue) A High-Speed CW software by JF3MXU


MS Sound page

Hear this. This is the HS-CW

Link to KD5BUR website

Link to WAVED

One point introduction of HS-CW

No. 3 (September '98 issue) MS HS-CW Test Report by JR1ING

Link to JR1ING

Also there's an article introducing the HS-CW operating practices in the West.


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